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Karl Xydexx Jorgensen: Be good; have fun.

Xydexx: Department of Cute and Weird

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This Too Shall Pass. -- xydexx dot com

Xydexx still draws a little and writes a little and procrastinates a lot. You can find him on Tumblr.

Last updated: October 11, 2015.
1000 blank white cards, abandoned buildings, abandoned railroads, anthrocon, anthropomorphic animals, architecture, balloon animals, balloons, bambi, bambi's butt, being a happy freak, biking, boinking, bouncy castles, bowling, butterfly effect, cartoons, castles, catapults, chaos, chasing deer with airpumps, courage the cowardly dog, creativity, cuddling, cut-up method, cute and weird stuff, dada, demon llamas, dig dug, discordianism, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, dungeons and dragons, eccentricity, eris, exploring, exploring my world, exquisite corpse, fantasizing about inflatable porcupines, footrubs, freaks, freewriting, funny animals, furries, furry, furry fandom, furry inflation, furry lifestyle, furrymuck, futurama, gay, geocaching, ghost towns, gibberish, hawaiian pizza, helium, hiking, horses, hugs, improved waffle flavor, indian food, inflatable animals, inflatable dragons, inflatable furries, inflatable unicorns, inflatables, inflatophilia, invader zim, irrational exuberance, john linnell, kibo, kibology, latex, latex bondage, lincoln highway, local history, long hair, m.c. escher, macrophilia, mad tea parties, mail art, maps, marsupial-filled popcorn machines, mischronolocology, modern ruins, monty python, mornington crescent, my little pony, naked candlelight yak rituals, new york, nice people, offensive cuteness, old buildings, old maps, optimism, oranges and graphic design, parade balloons, perversion, pervert with honor, philosophy, plush toys, plushies, plushophilia, pool toys, principia discordia, puff kissing, railroads, rain on hot pavement, recumbents, robert anton wilson, robot ponies, rollercoaster tycoon, rollercoasters, rubber, run lola run, sandcastles, settlers of catan, sheer joy of living, shipwrecks, shwanekee, silliness, sim city, slug farming, spalding gray, spongebob squarepants, squeaking in equine delight, steampunk, stompy hooves, the charm which spreads, the simpsons, then and now photos, they might be giants, time bandits, tolerance, trigger happy tv, unicorns, uniqueness, unnecessary smiling, urban exploration, urban planning, wandering, weird al, weirdness, wheresgeorge.com, xenofetish, xenophilia, xydexx, yaks, zeppelins

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