Introduction To Xydexx 101

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Xydexx is still eccentric, but harmless. People still freak out about him for simply existing. He once got in trouble for Unnecessary Smiling. That says a lot.

Xydexx currently lives in the Hudson Highlands region of New York. His main hobbies include Furry fandom, modern ruins, and recumbent bicycling. He does graphic design and desktop publishing professionally.

Xydexx may be a freak, but at least he's a happy freak. He thinks life was meant to be awesome.

Furry Fandom

Xydexx has been an enthusiastic participant in Furry fandom since 1993. The first Furry convention he attended was FurtastiCon, held in 1994 in Philadelphia, PA. He has since then attended more than 30 Furry conventions. He is the former Publications Director for Anthrocon, the world's largest Furry convention.

Anthrocon - xydexx dot com
The dance at Anthrocon, the world's largest Furry convention.

Xydexx Squeakypony

Xydexx Squeakypony, Xydexx's online avatar and fursona, is a silly squeaky purple (lavender, technically) inflatable anthropomorphic unicorn. Xydexx doesn't know why people get so bent out of shape over a cartoon character, but you can't please everyone. His philosophy on life is: Be Good, Have Fun. Surround yourself with good furries and be one yourself.

Modern Ruins

Growing up a short distance from the inundated village of Kensico and the abandoned Putnam Division Railroad, Xydexx has had a longtime interest in local history. As a kid, he used to go for hikes in the woods to abandoned iron-ore mines from the 1800s.

Xydexx didn't start exploring abandoned buildings until he was in high school, when he ventured into the Troop K, a former state police barracks in Hawthorne, NY. The building has since been converted into apartments, but Xydexx has a collection of pictures of it in it's abandoned state, as well as blueprints and news articles related to it.

Over the years, Xydexx served as an unofficial "tour guide" and organized trips to numerous abandoned sites, such as Bannerman's Castle, Briarcliff Lodge, and Centralia, PA. Most of Xydexx's current explorations focus on abandoned castles in the Bavaria and Lower Saxony regions of Germany.

Burgruine Wohlenstein near Mechtshausen, Germany - xydexx dot com
Burgruine Wohlenstein near Mechtshausen, Germany.

Bannerman's Castle

Bannerman's Castle is a former weapons arsenal on an island in the Hudson River. For ten years, Xydexx has led numerous trips to the island with groups before the official tours started. Unfortunately, a large section of Bannerman's Castle collapsed in late 2009 and early 2010.

Briarcliff Lodge

Briarcliff Lodge was a summer resort built in 1902 by Walter Law in Briarcliff Manor, NY. It eventually became a girls' school, and then a Christian college (King's College) before being abandoned in 1994. Xydexx has logged five trips to explore the main building, which was a sprawling four-story Tudor structure, and has a large collection of photographs of the interior. King's College tragically burned down on September 20, 2003.


Centralia is a town in Pennsylvania which has had a mine fire burning out-of-control beneath it since 1962. In the 1980s, after numerous failed attempt to put out the fire, the government bought out the homes of most residents. Only a handful of residents remain today. Xydexx has bringing groups to Centralia for many years, including Mine Fire Fur Meet in 2003.

Recumbent Bicycling

Xydexx has long had a bit of wanderlust, and back in the day would venture miles from home on his 5-speed (and later, his 10-speed), always looking for new places to explore. He took his passion for biking to a whole new level in 2003 when he bought a Sun E-Z Sport recumbent bike. His goal is to bike 1000 miles each year.

Yak Worshipping

Xydexx's religion of choice is Yakian Discordianism, which involves going to cool places and doing cool things, like worshipping yaks. Xydexx's religious beliefs also include horsey noses, because they are the best.

To date, Yakian Discordianism is the only religion that celebrates a Burping Tupperware Avalanche.

Rumor has it Xydexx also likes to throw pies at Bambi in the woods and steal giant inflatable reindeer, but there has never been any evidence to support these claims.

Being A Happy Freak

Xydexx enjoys building box buildings for his cat based on NYC architecture. It is a fun and low-stress thing to do.

More Information

Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry and PVAC will always love you. If you would like to know more, all you have to do is ask.

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